This hidden gem is perfect for couples.

In the center of a bustling suburban area lies a hidden gem we found while touring the island of Bali in Indonesia. What initially started out as a humble bed and breakfast has turned into a beautiful masterpiece, secretly camouflaged, and nearly undetectable by the surrounding area. For those couples looking for a magical getaway with world-class service, this resort sits high on our list. 

Private Candlelit Dinner

My wife suggested we have a private dinner that evening in our villa. What a great idea I thought. While we skimmed through the menu that afternoon while sitting by the pool one of the staff members mentioned he could put together a dinner for us. This sounded like a splendid idea as we were really struggling to decide on the dishes. 

About an hour prior to dinner, staff members started arriving to set up for our private dinner. I was initially thinking dinner would simply be delivered and we would enjoy it on our villa's terrace overlooking the pool, was I ever wrong. 

Jamahal's obsession with their guest experience was more than evident when I returned to our villa to see candles and flowers covering the terrace. The atmosphere created was magical! Needless to say, my wife was in paradise, a good start.

As the food arrived and we began our meal, we were both taken back by the quality and taste of each dish. It was clear that everything from the presentation, garnish, and fine details of each plate had been well thought out and executed. The flavors experienced in each bite made us crave more.

@coreyandcait enjoying a dinner at Jamahal Private Resort and Spa

Breakfast For Two

One of our most favorite activities is eating :) The breakfast at Jamahal, just like dinner, is something we'll be talking about for a while. The sheer variety alone is amazing. A unique thing about Jamahal is that each meal is served in the comfort and privacy of your villa. This means you never actually have to leave if you don't want to, which in my opinion, is absolutely perfect for this style of retreat and boutique resort.

A couple having breakfast at Jamahal Private Resort in Bali

Couples Massage

You simply cannot say you experienced a resort if you did not experience their spa. The privacy and calmness that comes with Jamahal is a pleasant surprise. While fairly large in size, the seclusion and privacy provided by the resort will make you feel extremely comfortable everywhere you go. From our villa, we were able to walk directly to the spa in our robes.

A collage of the Jamahal Resort.

Once at the spa, we were greeted by two very pleasant masseuses who gave us a tour of the spa and sat us down to sample the various oils and scents. We loved that the masseuses took the time to go over the various oils as well as explain their history and benefits. 

After our time at the spa we went back to our villa and found a kettle of ginger tea and a few snacks for us to enjoy by the poolside. 


Jamahal Resort is an extremely private, and beautifully maintained resort that is perfect for couples and individuals looking for a private, world-class get-away. Be sure to ask the staff for recommendations when it comes to food and drinks. They won't disappoint!

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