The resort that left us speechless.

It was a beautiful, sunny, Saturday morning. A perfect morning one could say. We had been invited to a resort in northern Ubud on the island of Bali. We had just finished a delicious Museli breakfast from Gourmet Cafe in Kuta as we started the nearly 2-hour drive to what we would now call, an experience that would change the way we viewed luxurious hospitality.

As we made our way north the terrain drastically changed from urban streets and large buildings into an unforgivable jungle. Zig zagging through windy roads, with rice paddies closing in on either side, we knew we were getting close as we had entered the beauty of Ubud until suddenly, while driving down a beautifully paved road we saw it - Viceroy Bali, in all its glory, hidden between rice paddies and steep ravines. We had made it.

We were greeted by a most lovely lady who welcomed us with flower necklaces. From the moment we arrived, we were swept off our feet by the parade of staff ready to meet our any need. Had we just arrived in paradise we asked each other.

After a quick check-in, we were taken to the private, Cascades Restaurant which overlooks wild Balinese jungle that will take your breathe away. We were provided with a delicious non-alcoholic Mojito (alcoholic options were available) while we soaked in the views and were given a brief introduction to the property and history.

As we finished our drinks we were picked up in a MotoEV and driven to our private villa where a member of Viceroy gave us a tour of the villa and its many features including the private, heated, infinity pool.

We were amazed by the attention to detail and care that had gone into every single component that made the villa what it was including the custom curtain rods, immense toiletry kit, towels you could get lost in, and a minibar that looked more like a fine-dining experience.

Aperitif Restaurant & Bar

First things first we said, Aperitif Restaurant & Bar! We had heard many things about the 1920s-inspired restaurant and bar and were more than impatient to get our taste of it. With a click of a button, a MotoEV arrived at our doorstep to take us up the tiny cobblestone roads to Aperitif. As we climbed higher up the road, past the resort entrance and around the corner we beheld the magnificent, sophisticated white building known as Aperitif.

Viceroy Bali Restaurant

As we entered we were taken back with the display of beauty that made the restaurant a sight to behold. Elegant touches of white, black, gold, and silver with freshly pressed tablecloth and grand ceilings.

Viceroy Bali Aperitif Bar and Lounge

While the Aperitif Restaurant boasts a magnificent display of posh luxury, the Aperitif Bar will suck you into a 1920's New York experience. The genuine interest and care expressed by the bartenders and servers at the Aperitif Bar was an absolute delight. Never once were we required to ask for anything. It was as though the servers could read our minds before the thought had even hit us.

Viceroy Bali Aperitif Bartender

Private Villa Pools

After a glorious time at Aperitif, we were ready for a quick dip back in our villa's pool. As the evening grew closer the temperatures dropped slightly, still warm, but cold enough to make one think twice about jumping in water. Luckily for us, heated pools come standard at Viceroy. As we entered our room a couple of beautiful chocolates lay waiting for us on our bed, an unexpected, yet highly welcomed surprise. With drinks placed on the side of the pool, we plunged into the warm water which immediately cloaked our bodies in a bundle of warmth that made us realize we never want to leave.

Viceroy Bali Private Villa Pool

The generous pool design, mixed with jungle views, with the sound of the water fountain, made it the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening - we were in paradise.

Viceroy Bali Infinity Pool

A Bed For The Gods

We have very few disappointments in life. However, one major disappointment is not documenting the mattress we slept on at Viceroy. To say it was like sleeping on a freshly plumped cloud mattress built for the Gods is an understatement. Waking up in the morning and forcing yourself to leave the bed knowing you won't return for some time should be seen as a great accomplishment due to the struggle and difficulty you will experience.

Viceroy Bali Bedroom

Breakfast at the Cascades

The following morning, we arrived for breakfast at Cascades Restuarant, the first restaurant we visited when we arrived at Viceroy for our welcome drinks. The mystical jungle views will take you back as you hear the birds sing as the sun slowly rises.

Viceroy Bali Breakfast at Cascades Restaurant

With intermittent fasting become at a popular topic of interest these days, we understand how it can be used strategically, the day before or prior to visiting Viceroy Bai in order to partake in as many breakfast dishes as possible. The quality and succulent breakfast menu will make the entire experience as magical as the views. Be sure to experience their pancakes, waffles, mango truffle, rice pudding, and of course fresh juices.

Cait Holmes having breakfast at Viceroy Bali Resort


Viceroy Bali is a masterpiece to be experienced. Our stay was both exciting and memorable. If you find yourself in the northern parts of Bali, be sure to visit this hidden gem which you'll find tucked away on the side of the jungle in serene Ubud.


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